Bolivia 70%

¥1,620 (in tax)

This chocolat invites you to a complex dance of aromas. It starts with notes of chesnut tree honey and wood, soon enriched by notes of dried fruits, mainly figs and nuts. A masculine and earthy base complemented by the feminine, elegant and light dried fruits notes. A complex and evolving dance of aromas.A unique opportunity to taste the unicity of the original, the antique, forastero aromas.

Hacienda Tranquilidad, 600 hectares – Baures, Bolivia

100% Wild Forastero.The genetics of this tree have recently been classified as a totally new category, called Beniano, that can be translated "coming from Beni", the amazon region where this genetic can be found.This cacao has been awarded the HCP certificated, award given to cacaos that are exceptional in their aromas. see: