The Community of San Juan de Bigote (La Quemazon, Matanza, Barrios), located southeast of Chulucanas, Province of Morropon, Piura, northeast Peru.


A Blend of Trinitarios and native Peruvian cacao. 50% of this natural blend are white cacao beans. (show cut test here)


Nativo Blanco cacao is purchased directly from the Norandino Cooperative representing 6000 farming families and producers. Norandino, founded in 1995, exports cacao of varied style, character and quality to many countries throughout the world.

Producers of the Cooperative work small land holdings, averaging 2.5 acres in size. During the harvest, trees are picked every other week, pods opened, beans extracted and the wet cacao quickly transported to the Norandino centralized fermentation facility. Beans are then fermented and dried with exacting standards and rigorous quality control.

Luis Mancini, founder of Cacaotales, spends a good deal of the year with the Norandino Cooperative, in the field and fermentation facility, working with farmers and the post harvest production team to identify and select the very best of their cacao collection. Luis Mancini’s selections, in his Cacaotale’s jute bags, are shipped to some very special chocolate makers around the world, including GREEN Bean to Bar Chocolates in Japan!


Members of the Norandino Cooperative, all cacao producers and farming families alike, benefit from their affiliation. The Cooperative provides loans, technical training, logistical support, and quality standards elevating the status of their cacao and its market value.